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Hey! Have you heard...
See a song you don't know?
You can go to iTunes and search by song name, then listen to it. You can also listen to samples of anything on my list! Listen or Download them here from my iTunes lists. (must have iTunes installed to open link)


Some good video podcasts to checkout:

Pilates on 5th
video podcast
I've seen several of these and really like the way they show you proper form. It's easy to take the various elements and create your own workout.

Fitness Routines
by ModelHerb
I've only watched one of these, but it looked pretty good and I like her emphasis on correct form.

Ford Models Fitness
I've viewed these and enjoy trying the different exercises.

Have you seen a video fitness or healthy cooking podcast? Please let me know about it! I'm always on the lookout for new stuff!



NEW!!!! All current playlists are now here:



Chelle's iTunes Playlists for Cardio & Strength Training...

View my "I kick butt, keep me motivated" playlist w/lyrics...

Current Mix: This is what's in my shuffle now...

Current Workout Playlist...

September 2011
September 2011 Workout and Cardio Music Playlist

Additionally, I am loving the playlists put together by DJ Rolemodel. Visit his website to listen and download (free!). http://djrolemodel.com/

Full List for last week of cardio sessions (prep for competition) - it's a long list, I could just let it run through several sessions.
Chelle Stafford Cardio Playlist August 2011

This was my final cardio session's soundtrack... it was awesome!! I did 40 minutes on the treadmill with this list and when I was done, I was fired up and ready to hit the stage!!
figure competition prep - cardio playlist

August HIIT Cardio
HIIT Cardio Music Playlist - Chelle Stafford, August 2011

August Steady-State Cardio - NO judging! :-)
Cardio music - Playlist for Chelle Stafford, August 2011

July HIIT Cardio
Chelle Stafford's HIIT Cardio Playlist for July 2011


July Steady-State Cardio
Chelle Stafford's Steady-State Cardio Playlist for July 2011


June - Weights 1 hr
Chelle Stafford's Weight Lifting Playlist for June 2011

June - Cardio 1 hr (to allow for cardio time plus stretching)
Chelle Stafford's Cardio Playlist for June 2011

May - Weights & Cardio 1.1 hr
This list is a FREE download! Get the individual tracks, or everything in one (that's my preference). I LOVE this list! I've even used it for my Sunday Food Prep soundtrack - it's awesome and keeps me bouncin! :-)
Download it FREE here:
Weight Lifting and Cardio Music Playlist - May 2011

April Weights playlist: 1 hr
Weight Lifting Music Playlist - April 2011

April Cardio playlist: 48 minutes
Cardio Music Playlist - April 2011

March Weights playlist: 1 hr
Weight Lifting Music Playlist - March 2011

March Cardio playlist: 1 hour
March 2011 - Cardio workout playlist

February - Cardio - 45 min
Cardio Music - workout playlists

February - Weights - 1.4 hrs
(this is good for an hour weights session followed by some cardio, too)
Weight lifting music - workout playlist

February 2011 - Lifting - 1.1 hours
weight lifting music playlist - february 2011

January 2011 Cardio - 35 minutes
Cardio music playlist, january 2011

November 2010 - 59 minutes
November 2010 - Cardio and Workout Music Playlist

October 2010 - 1.1 hours
Workout Music October 2010

September 10, 2010 - 50.6 minutes
Cardio Playlist - Music for cardio workout september 2010

August 18, 2010 - 60 minutes
Workout music for cardio and weight lifting - Chelle Stafford, August 2010

Never heard of the Ballad of Cathain?
Allow my geekiness to show... Awhile back there was a TV show called Witchblade (2001-2002). It was my favorite! Truly! I cried when it was cancelled. Anyway, one episode (Season 1:4, Sacrifice) featured Kim De Lury (as Conchobar) and the song Ballad of Cathain was pivotal to the plot. I fell in love with the song (I'm a sucker for almost anything Irish, btw). It took me forever to find the mp3! Anywhooo... it's a great cool-down/stretch tune.  Listen to it by clicking here or right click and select "save as". The song was written and performed by Grant Lee Phillips.

7/27/10 - 1.2 hours
Shuffle Playlist for Cardio and Workout - July 2010


April 2010
Chelle's current cardio music playlist


Current Weight Lifting sessions...

5K prep cardio sessions...

Workout music: iPod shuffle playlist for cardio and weight lifting


Regular shuffle list 2:
Workout Music. Weight Lifting Music. Cardio Music.

Random Cardio Tunes...

Cardio Lists     Workout Lists


My Cardio Playlists...
I use these for sessions on the Elliptical, Treadmill, Boxing, Stair Monster (I mean Climber), or running. The first song in most mixes is a "warm-up", then full cardio speed, then the last song or three are "cool-down and stretching". The lists vary in length, since I use some to carry over from my cardio into a strength training session.

Duration 1 hour
Cardio Playlist... music for cardio workouts

Duration 1 hour


Duration 1.4 hours
Workout and Cardio Music Playlist

Cardio / Workout Mix: Duration 1 hour

Cardio Mix 1:
Duration of 43 minutes

Cardio Mix 2: 46 minutes

Cardio Mix 3: 32 minutes

Cardio Mix 4: 46.1 minutes

Cardio Mix 5: Duration of 1 hour

Cardio Mix 6: Duration of 1 hour



My Workout Playlists...
I use these playlists for workouts in the gym.

Abs Workout  - Duration of 22 minutes

Boxing Workout  - Duration of 1.3 Hours

These playlists are all a minimum of 1 hour, because the first 20-30 min of the list are for cardio, then I move on to strength training, then cool-down with stretching.

Workout Mix 1 - Duration of 1 hour

Workout Mix 2 - Duration of 1.2 hours

Workout Mix 3 - Duration of 1.9 hours

Workout Mix 4 - Duration of 1.2 hours

Workout Mix 5 - Duration of 1.3 hours




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