Foods and Brands Chelle recommends for clean, healthy eating

My favorite products...

It's hard to find products "clean" enough (and cheap!) to use on a weekly basis. Staples for me are dijon mustard, yellow mustard, honey mustard, taco sauce, and barbecue sauce (ingredients should not include any preservatives or HFC). My local Safeway carries a fairly clean store brand Honey Mustard that the family loves. Fry's carries Macayo's brand Taco sauce (and Enchilada Sauces & Diced Green Chilies).

Other sauces/condiments are listed below:

Grandma Koyote's BBQ sauce is a new family favorite! The Hot & Spicy is AWESOME! They also make a no-sugar added one, too! Click the photo to view their website.

 A very mild flavor, Robbie's is a good "all-purpose" bbq sauce. Available at Whole Foods.
Robbie's clean barbecue bbq sauce

Need bacon bits? Wellshire Farms brand is perfect! Totally clean, and super yummy! Available online or at Whole Foods.These are the bacon bits I use in the Bacon Cheeseburgers (see recipe page).   Additionally, their sliced bacon is a healthy choice (see recipe page for Bacon Wrapped Tillapia, and my Breakfast Burritos). Another good brand of bacon are Applegate Farms.
Clean bacon bits! Wellshire Farm



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