Foods and Brands Chelle recommends for clean, healthy eating

My favorite Grain picks...

These are convenience foods that are wonderful options when prep time is short.  I do all my food prep on Sundays, and I cook up a big batch of grains for the week (currently my pick is quinoa), but when I don't get to do all my prep, or life gets in the way, some of these these convenience packages are fantastic, and a much better choice than a trip through the drive-thru!

Ready Made:

Seeds of Change Instant Rice - Clean Eating Convenient Clean Eating! Seeds of Change microwave rice mixes


Grains:  Currently, I make a big batch of quinoa each Sunday, but I've been known to do brown rice, a blend of wild & brown rice, kasha... whatever strikes my fancy. My favorite right now is buying the quinoa in bulk (red, black and white) then mixing them together. I cook them (rinsing well first to remove the bitter outer coating) in low-sodium chicken broth instead of water. Awesome!

Quinoa - Amazing grain that is gluten free  


Pasta:  My family just doesn't like Whole Wheat pasta. But the Quinoa pasta gets a full set of thumbs up! It looks like "regular" pasta, tastes phenomenal, and is healthy!


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