Foods and Brands Chelle recommends for clean, healthy eating

Bread products... my picks.
Homemade... When I make the time, I love to bake my own bread. My husband and his dad both prefer my bread to the store-bought (who knew!), and the recipe I use is really, really fabulous. Making your own bread is absolutely time consuming, but it's also comforting. I very much enjoy the process. Here's the recipe I use:
Homemade Whole grain bread - Maple Seeded Bread Recipe

Whole Grain, Bread by EarthGrains

This bread is a favorite around our house. It's not "heavy", in fact, it's kind of light. Best of all it tastes really, really good! Available at Safeway, Frys and other markets for $4.99/loaf ($2.50/loaf on sale).


Whole Grain, Organic Bread by Alpine Valley

This bread is another favorite around our house. It's dense but not "heavy", filling but doesn't leave you uncomfortable full. Best of all it tastes really, really good! Available at Whole Foods Market for $4.99/loaf.

Alpine Valley Organic Bread - Excellent choice of whole grain carb

Other bread products:
FYI, sandwich thins & thin-buns make GREAT pizza shells!


Between Boboli & the California crusts, given a choice, I will always choose the California. Totally clean and super tasty!




Wraps/Tortillas: 365 Organic (found at Whole Foods) Whole Wheat tortillas and Red Chili tortillas, and my new favorite, Sprouted Corn Tortillas (see below).


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